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Audio-Visual Evaluation - captured stories of social capital and social impact online


Social Impact Capture

Storytelling in digital media

Creative planning, management, delivery, production, evaluation

Social capital and social impact capture, assessment, and evaluation in digital media online for creative communities, public services, and social enterprise worldwide

Digital Media Content Design

Audio Visual Arts

Digital Recording

Ultra HD Digital Production

Ultra HD Post-Production

Relevant to all social enterprise where

creative people serve communities

   Creative Planning

   Effective Delivery

   Useful Evaluation

Stories of success

Social Impact is:

Transformation, change, and ...

the difference people make  

for their communities

Tell your story online using...

The Social Impact Storyboard™

... and iSIS™ Toolkit


Photography  Graphics  Websites  Sound Recording  Music  Film Making

Capturing stories of social impact for representation in digital media online

St Abb’s Head, Scotland - Photograph by Matthew Burge

Conversation Piece by Juan Muñoz, 1998

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